The Ambassadors Committee is charged with providing leadership to bring attention to and increase the vitality of the Chamber and the community, the Ambassadors Committee is the group dealing with policy and implementation issues regarding member networking activities, welcoming new businesses, planning for hospitality, and providing active assistance with such activities. Members represent the both Chamber and the Mason area community, so they have a good knowledge of local resources. They receive the reports of the Ribbon Cutting Committee, MACC Golf Classic Committee, the Good Morning Mason Committee, Business-to-Business Expo, and the December Holiday Party & Member Mixer Committee, as major networking activities of the Chamber. ( October 2015) Ambassadors are a Standing Committee meeting monthly on the first tuesday after the monthly BOD meeting.
The business of the Chamber shall be under the direction and control of a Board of Directors consisting of 13 members, one of which should be the immediate past president. However, if the immediate past president should fail to complete their term, they shall not be replaced on the Board of Directors. Meets monthly on the first Friday after the Executive Committee meeting.
The Economic Development Committee is charged with supporting the facilitation and promotion of economic development in the Mason area, this is the group dealing with policy issues regarding local economic conditions, use of land and infrastructure, promoting the growth of existing businesses, tracking available business space, and attracting needed new business to the Mason area.
The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and the immediate Past President. The Executive Committee shall have authority to take emergency action if the full board is unable to meet. Decisions of the Executive Committee must be presented to the Board of Directors at the next regular meeting of the board. A quorum of the Executive Committee shall be three (3) members. (2011 By-Laws) Meets monthly on the first Wednesday of the month.
Reports to the Hometown USA CommitteeThis is an annual Chamber-sponsored celebration in Cobblestone Village and downtown Mason in the afternoon and evening of the Friday after Thanksgiving. Planned and operated by members of the Mason Holidays Celebration Committee and other individuals and groups they recruit, there are a variety of many volunteer jobs, especially in the area of entertainment and parade safety.
The Hometown USA Committee is charged with encouraging local commerce of all kinds �¢?? retail, service, and manufacturing �¢?? with an integrated community identity, this is the group dealing with policy issues regarding community events, quality of life, improvement of marketing by members, strengthening business capacities, promotion of member-to-member purchases, community image campaigns, and improvement of the local business climate. They receive the reports of the Spring Fling/Down Home Days Committee, the Communication Committee, the Independence Day Celebration Committee, the Holiday Celebration (Christmas Tree Lighting/Lighted Parade) Committee, and the Thursday Night Live Courthouse Concerts Committee, as major community identity activities of the Chamber. Meets first thursday after the monthly BOD
Communication & Technology Committee This committee assists with policy, procedure, and operational decisions regarding technology and communication of all types within the Chamber and community. Of particular interest are events, promotions, news, and other information that needs to be communicated to target audiences through a variety of methods. They are also responsible for the Chamber’s website, newsletters, and other related information needs, including ChamberMaster.